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McGlawn/McGlauhon Family Tree
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McGlawn/McGlauhon Family Tree
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McGlawn and McGlauhon Family Tree

My version of my McGlawn/McGlauhon Family Tree

All comments are very welcome. Any sources are appreciated.

Please be aware that some of this information may be speculation. I would advise that if you are interested in a particular branch, that you use this information as a reference to help you to document your specific line. I would be happy to try to discuss/answer any questions that anyone may have on what I have posted here to this page. Contact me by signing my guest book located near to the top of this page and I will get back with you.

Edmond McGlauhon's parents were Jane and Jeremiah McGlauhon.  Jeremiah was born about or before 1703 and died before 5/13/1740 in Bertie Co., NC.  My version of Edmond McGlauhon's line can be found at the following website:


Surnames found on my McGlauhon/McGlawn family tree posted at World Connect can be found on the page titled "A Brief Family History" at this web site.

Copyright 8/28/2001 S. Hoard

These pages I share freely with others for their own NON PROFIT USE ONLY. The information contained, here within, is for entertainment and reference use only. YOU MUST document YOUR OWN LINE if you so desire. Many of these family genealogy lines have been provided by others through Internet contact. I post this information on the sole trust that they have attempted to provide accurate information.

Enjoy and Happy Hunting!