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McGlawn and McGlauhon Family Tree

I have copies of the original documents that are transcribed below.

These were transcribed to the best of my ability. The copies of the originals that I obtained from the NC State Archives in Raleigh, NC were very difficult to read.

North Carolina
In obedience to ___ of the General M___ of 1819 entitled "eta act concerning military land warrants" and acting under the authority and powers invested in us by the issue we have this day passed on the claims of the following persons ____ Robert Gregory, Henry Han__, John Rogers, James Button, and William Hood, late soldiers of the Continential or United States Army and line of their state; and recommend and direct that the Secretary of the State issue to ___ of each of the soldiers above named who may be still living and to the heirs of those of them who are dead, Land Warrant for Six Hundred and forty acres each (640 acres). The claims of Jeremiah Glaghon, a sergent in the said line and of peter ____ a Corporal in the same, having been wherein what on & passed upon The Secretary of State is directed to issue to each of the said claiments a land warrant for one thousand acrews each (1000 acres) - and the claims of James Rennols and William Cooper having been in like mannor what on and passed upon the Secretary of the State is ____ and directed to issue to the said James Rennols a land warrant for Two Hundred and seventy four acres (274 acres) and to the said William Cooper a land warrant for Two Hundred and twenty eight acres of land.
Raleigh 23 February 1820
John Raymond
Wm Goodwin
Rev. War. Army Accounts Vol. X, pg. 83
Wages for Jeremiah Glohan
538 Jeremiah Glohan 15June77 21 Apl78 28:9:5
Rev. War. Army Accounts Vol. X, pg. 72
Names of claimants: Jeremiah Glohon, Serg.
Amt. allowed each man: 28:9:5
The sum pd in ____ bills 7:2:4
The sum pd in certificates 21:7:1
By whom rec't. for: David Collins
Edmon Glauhon was living Nov. 14, 1797 to make this affidavit
State of North Carolina
Bertie County
this 14 day of Novm. ~ 1797
Came before me, Thos Whitmitt Pugh, one of the Justices fore the same county Edmon Glauhon after being sorn your deponant sayth that he had a son by the name of Jarimiar Glauhon whume wint in the sarvis last Amaraca wore and died thare in and that my son William Glauhon is the ondely hier to the above Jarimiar Glauhon and you deponant fither sayth not
Edmon Glauhon (his mark)
Thos Whitmitt Pugh
No 307
William Glaughhan's Power to draw Jeremiah Glaughhan Bounty land
Know all men by those presents that I william Glaughhan of the state of NoCarolina and county of Bertie the only heir to Jeremiah Glaughhan a Continential soldier in the revolutionary war in the NoCarolina line do authorize constitute and appoint my whorth friends William Harrel or Darling Cherry to apply and draw a Military land warrant for the services of him the said Jeremiah Gloughhan soldier of afore said and do every other thing touching said business in full and ample amouner in every respect mannor and form or if I was at the doing of it myself.
Witness Laurence Cherry X In ___ my hand and seal this 18th January 1820
William (?) Anderson X (his mark)
James McGloughhan (his mark)
George Davidson
Wm Glaughhan (seal)
State of North Carolina Court of Plea & quarter Bertie County sessions Feb. term 1820 I Elisha A. Rhodes clerk of the court of plea & quarter sessions for saids county do hereby certify that the above power of attorney was moved in open court by the oath of Laurence Cherry & Wm Anderson two of the subscribing whitnesses where to - I also certify that a true copy of the above power of attorney is filed in my office.
Give under my hand & seal of office at Windsor 14th February 1820 & in the 44th year of American Independance
Elisha A. Rhodes
Rec'd from the Secretary of State a military warrant No 30oo for 1000 acres to the hier of Jeremiah Glaughan this 23rd February 1820
Laurence Cherry William Harrell
The Heirship of Jeremiah Glauhan Proved
State of N.Carolina
Martin county
Personally appeared before me, Mr. Edward Byrd J.P. and made oath in due form that William Glauhon is the person properally entitled to a Military land Warrent for the services of Jeremiah Glauhan in Continental soldier in the old revolutionary war and in the N.Carolina line given under his hand and seal this 7th February 1820
Wm Anderson J.P. Edward Byrd J.P. (seal)
We the two Justices whose names are underneath assigned do certify that Mr. Edward Byrd J.P. is a man of credability and that due saith and credit is and ought to be given to his testimony given under our hands this 7th February 1820 = Wm Anderson J.P.
John Lutin J.P.
State of NoCarolina
Martin County
This may certify that William Anderson & John Lutin whose signatures are above were acting Justices of the County on the 7th instant give under my hand and seal of office at Williamston 8th Feby 1820
AB Hunter Clerk CC
by Jos. Biggs DC
No 726 Jer. McGlahan Cert.
State of N.Carolina
Bertie County
Personally appeared Capt. John McGlauhan before Jon. Jacobs a Justice of the Peace in said county & being duly sworn deposith sayth that Jeremiah McGlauhan was a soldier in the fifth regiment under Col. Buncombe during the late war against Great Britain that he the deponent knew him to be in the service & he believes the said Jeremiah died about the year 1777 at the Valley Forge & further this depondent sayth that given under my hand & seal this 18th day of Nov. 1797
Jon. Jacobs John McGlauhon
State of N.Carolina
Bertie County
Personally appeared John Nicholas before Jon. Jacobs a Justice of the Peace in said county being duly sworn deponth sayth that Jeremiah McGlauhon was a soldier in the fifth regiment under col. Buncombe during the late war against Great Britain that the deponent knew him to be in the service & he believes the said Jeremiah died about the year 1777 at the Valley Forge & further this depondent sayth that given under my hand & seal this 18th day of Ad. 1797
Jon. Jacobs John ___ Holls
State of N.Carolina
Bertie County
I certify that William McGlauhon qualified as aminstrator to the Estate of Jeremiah McGlauhan
George Gray J.P.

Here are some other transcriptions that I have done on copies of originals that I have:

State of North Carolina
Know all men by these presents, That we William McGlauhon and Jonathan Jaco_y are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency Alex Marlin, Esquire, Governor, Captain General and commander in chief of the State aforesaid in the just and full sum of five hundred pounds, current money of the state aforesaid, to be paid to his said Excellency the Governor, his successors, or assigns: To which payment will and truly to be made. We do bind ourselves, each of us, our and each of our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. -Sealed with our seals, and dated this seventh day of August one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two.

The condition of this obligation is such that if the above bound in William McGlauhon, administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of Jeremiah McGlauhon or Glauhon deceased, do make or cause to be made, a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights and credits of the deceased, which have or shall come to the hands, knowledge or possession of the said Jeremiah McGlauhon or into the hands or possession of any person or persons for him, and the same so made, do exhibit, or cause to be exhibited into Bertie County Court, within the time prescribed by law, after the date of these presents; and the same goods, chattels and credits, and all other the goods, chattels and credits of the deceased, at the time of his death, which at any time hereafter shall come into the hands or possession of the said Wm McGlauhon or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for him, do well and truly administer according to law; and further do make, or cause to be made a true and just account of his said administration agreeable to a law, after the date of these presents; and all th__ and residue of the said goods, chattels and credits, which shall be found remaining upon the said administration account (the same being first examined and allowed by the Governor and Council, Superior or County Court) shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons respectfully, as the same shall come due pursuant to the true intent and meaning of the act in that case made by the deceased, and the executor or executors therein named to exhibit the same in Court, making request to have it allowed and approved of accordly, if the said William McGlauhon above bounden; being there unto required, do render and deliver the said letters on administration (approbation of such restament being first had and made in the said Court) then this obligation to be void; otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

signed, sealed and delivered in the Presence of
C Halli_

William McGlauhon, seal
Jon. Jaco_y, seal
Records of Estates, Bertie County, North Carolina, 1788-1800


Inventory Feb. 4, 1789 by Luke Collins. Account of sale Feb. 28 and March 9, 1789 of property in the Indian Woods. Buyers:
Luke Collins
Lamb Hardy
John Pippin
Mark Morgan
Cader Hunter
George Capehart, Jr.
James Burn
Mary How
James Hews
Levy Burn
John Williams
David Curry
Michael Capehart
John Oxley
Wilson Liscomb
William Pugh
David Gaskins
Charles Jacocks
Jonathan Standley
Thomas Lackey
James Ryan
Thomas Pugh
George Lockhart
William Griffin
John Campbell
Benjamin Rhodes
Jesse Everett
Nathan Jenkins
George Dawson
Alexander Hopkins
Reuben Knight
Edward Watson
William McGlohan
John Capehart
Jehu Nicholls
Thomas Trotter
James McLean
Thomas Newborn
Thomas Pugh, Jr.
James Churchwell
John Lenox
George Capehart
Josiah Rasor
Daniel Hopkins
Jeremiah Fleetwood
William Fleetwood
Davis Meredith
John Burn
Elizabeth Brinkley
George Hews

Inventory Aug. 17, 1790 by Luke Collins. Division of estate May 18,1791, with equal money paid to John Burn, James Burn, Elizabeth Howe and Thomas Howe. Petition (Apr. 24, 1817) by Sidney Burn, stating Alexander Howe died leaving certain property to his widow Mary Howe for her lifetime and the remainder of his property to his children John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Sarah and Sidney Howe. The widow Mary Howe died testate in 1814 with William Sutton as her exr., but he died before he could divide her estate. Administration on her estate was then granted to Edmond Fleetwood. The siad John Howe (son of Alexander) died intestate and without issue, and administration on his estate was grtd. to John Peck. The said Elizabeth Howe (daughter of Alexander) married George McKenzie, who went "beyond the seas" and "is supposed to be dead" and left Moses Gillam as her (?) admr. Thomas Howe (son of Alexander) died leaving his widow Elizabeth Howe as his admrx., and she married secondly to William Sutton. The only child of Thomas Howe was Mary Howe. Sarah Howe (daughter of Alexander) married first James Burn and second Jeremiah Devan.
153 (page 192) JEREMIAH MAGLOHON
Inventory August Court, 1740 by Jno. Howell, exrx. in right of his wife Jane Howell, exrx. Record includes debts against Henry Green, Thomas Dixon, Jno. Odham and Jno. Wallis.
No. 432 Military papers
* Glawhan (Glauhan), Daniel
* (Nothing said as to heirs)

State of NoCarolina
Wake County
This day came James Amos before me Wm. Fawler one of the Justices for the said County and made oath that he knew Daniel Glawhan to be a soldier in the old revolutionary war and belonged the North Carolina line. The deponent further states that he marched with the said Glawhan from Hallifax to the Valley Forge where a great many of the soldiers died and he understood the said Daniel Glawhan died there this 15th August 1821.

Wm. Fawler
James Amos (his mark)
Will of James McGlaughlen
Rowan County, NC

In the name of God Amane the fourth day of september in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine I James McGlaughlen of Rowan County State of North Carolina being at this presant sick and weake in body but in perfect mind and memory thanks be given to god therefore calling into minde the mortalety of my body & knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die I do make and ordain this my last will and testament what is to say principly and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of almighty God who gave it and for my body I recommend it to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like mannor at the discression of my exactors nothing doubting but I shall receive the same again reunited at the general resurrection of mankind by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I do give devise and dispose of the same in the following mannor and form it is my will and I do order that all my just debts and funeral charges be paid out of my personal estate for which purpose I do order that my wagon and hand gun and gray horse be sold at public sale and the over slush ___ arising to be equaly divided between my two youngest daughters ____ Mary and Eleanor.

I do give and bequeath to my beloved son John the third of all my land which I now possess also a plow and farm hens and geese also the third of all my iron tools.

I do give and bequeath to my beloved son Samuel a third of my land also a third of all my iron tools likewise farm hens and geese also an iron harrow and also his mare and sadle.

I do give and bequeath to my beloved son James the other third of my land likewise the other third of my iron tools also the bar iron I brough to the country with me and also the young colt of my black mare and my sadle and bridle and in case that they be not able to divid the land and iron tools themselve to their satisfaction I do order and alow that two or three honest and fevrant men be chosen by my exactor to award and divide sd. land and iron tools as equally as possible amongest my sd. three sons.

I do give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Mary her sadle and bridle and my ____ mare and black cow also her bed and furniture, her spinning wheel and chuck keel and also a brass hatchel and also a brass kettle likewise a chest and dough trough also the half of all my dresser furniture and pewter and teaware and silver spoons.

I do give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Eleanor the other half of all my pewter and dresser furniture and teaware and silver teaspoons also her saddle and bridle and my black mare and a kid hefer also her bed and furniture and a large iron kettle and her spinning wheel and a coars hatchel.

I do give and bequeath to my other two beloved daughters Elisabeth & Martha each of them a good bed coverlet also any books I do order and alow to be equaly divided amongst all my children.

I further nomenate, constitute and ordain my trusty and well beloved brother-in-law William Hart and Arch McNeely to be my only sole executors of this my last will and testament and I do hereby ratify and confirm this Jim

And no other to be my last will and testament in witness where of I have here unto set my hand and seal the day and year first

James McGlaughlen (his mark)

above written signed, sealed, pronounced
and declared by the law James McGlaughlan as his
last will and testament in the presants of us the subscribers
Tho. Thompson
John McNeely

Transcribed by Sandra Hoard 10-23-2000. No attempt has been made by me to correct spelling errors from the original document. Transcribed exactly as originally written to the best of my ability.
Journal of N.C. Genealogy, pg. 1182

192 - Inv - 1740 - Jeremiah McGlohon by Jno. Howell, exr. In right of Jane Howell, exr - mentioned: Henry Green, Thomas Dixon, Jno. Odhom, Jno. Wallis, Wm Willifard, George Young.

An Inventory of the Estate of Jeremiah McGlohon, decd

57 head of cattle
1 earthen cup
4 books
1 looking glass
57 head of hoggs
2 earthen potts
4 locks
1 pair leather britches
10 horses & mares
3 juggs
2 hocks of bees
1 pair cotton ___
8 head of sheep
7 knives & 5 forks
1 coat
3 feather beds & furniture
2 piggens
1 hammer & Bazor
3 jackets
4 iron pots
1 pail
1 ____ & R___lett
1 hatt
4 pair pot hooks
2 chests
7 barrells & 15 alles
1 ink horn
4 pair pot hangers
2 bed heads
10 yd. fine lining
11 pewter bassons
1 table
3 yd. kersey
5 pewter dishes
5 chairs
6 yd. duroys
5 pewter plates
1 pair shears
3 yd. skalloon
2 pewter porringers
1 pair sizzers
1 _____n
1 pewter tankard
3 pair cards
3 slases
28 pewter spoons
2 spinning wheels
2 iron wedges
6 earthen plates
1 hand ___
9 hoes
1 earthen dish
1 grind stone
1 plough d_
1 iron skillet
1 b___ & heaters
1 set of harrow hoes
1 frying pan
9 hides
2 axes
1 pair of fire tongs
3 deer skins
3 saddles & bridles
1 brass ladle
2 meal sifters
5 bells
1 salt seller
2 horse collers
1 set of coopers tools except a board ___
1 drinking glass
2 chisells
I think Mohair
7 glass bottles
1 hand saw

Silver Money
Henry Green 3..4..6
Tho. Dickson 8..0..3 1/2

Bill Money
Jno. Odhom 1508
Jno. Wallis 1180

William Willerford 5 shillings
George Young 75 pounds of pork

taken I Jno Howell, Edmin of Jame Howell

Invty of Jery. McGlohon ___sh; Aug ___40____; Recorded J. Wynns

Copyright 8/28/2001 S. Hoard

These pages I share freely with others for their own NON PROFIT USE ONLY. The information contained, here within, is for entertainment and reference use only. YOU MUST document YOUR OWN LINE if you so desire. Many of these family genealogy lines have been provided by others through Internet contact. I post this information on the sole trust that they have attempted to provide accurate information.

Enjoy and Happy Hunting!