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Oldest known family pictures
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James and Arter McGlawn Family with photos, marriage & census records
Oldest known family pictures
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McGlawn and McGlauhon Family Tree

The first two pictures are copies of tintypes in the possession of my aunt.

The large picture belongs to Lea Hoak. I am grateful to her for posting this picture onto the MyFamily site. I have been searching for a better copy than what I had originally.

I'm fairly sure that this is Edward McGlawn (below), father of James Toles McGlawn


I believe this to be a picture of Arter Coats' parents, Charles and Patsy Coats.  This photo HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED that it is Charles and Patsy Coats.  It was in a box of photos of my aunts and not labeled on the back.  It could possibly be a photo of her husband's line.  If you have a copy of this same photo, PLEASE sign my guestbook to let me know.  Please do not use this photo in your family tree and label it as Charles and Patsy because it might well NOT BE them.



Left to right:
Lilly McGlawn (b. 10/21/1883)
Susan Caroline (Armstrong) McGlawn (b. 10/15/1844)
Kate McGlawn (b. 8/5/1881)
John William (Doc) McGlawn (b. 4/17/1843)
Bertha McGlawn (b. 9/18/1886)
Edward McGlawn (b. 8/4/1816)

Thanks to Lea for this picture! I had a nasty xerox copy that you could hardly see. Now we have an excellent picture to enjoy!

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These pages I share freely with others for their own NON PROFIT USE ONLY. The information contained, here within, is for entertainment and reference use only. YOU MUST document YOUR OWN LINE if you so desire. Many of these family genealogy lines have been provided by others through Internet contact. I post this information on the sole trust that they have attempted to provide accurate information.

Enjoy and Happy Hunting!