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Westlake Family Homepage
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Researching Your Own Family History

This web site is a collection of information that I have gathered over the years.
Ray Yokey had been collecting information over the years on the Westlake family. He had a suitcase full that he was kind enough to share. I copied all that I could. There were some pictures there too. I have tried to put it all together as best I can. Now comes the fun part of trying to document things. Much more work ahead of me to do. It is a never ending labor of love.

I hope that you all enjoy this site. Please sign my guestbook to contact me. I will return e-mail to you ASAP. Please give me your comments, suggestions, corrections, additions, etc. I love hearing from all of you cousins out there!

Happy Hunting!

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Copyright 9/3/2001 S. Hoard

These pages I share freely with others for their own NON PROFIT USE ONLY. The information contained, here within, is for entertainment and reference use only. YOU MUST document YOUR OWN LINE if you so desire. Many of these family genealogy lines have been provided by others through Internet contact. I post this information on the sole trust that they have attempted to provide accurate information.

Enjoy and Happy Hunting!