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A Brief Family History

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How we all got here...

The Westlake family originated in Long Sutton, Somerset, England. George W. Westlake, Esq. came to America in 1848 and was naturalized as a U.S. Citizen on April 16th, 1862. George settled with his family on the South side of Seven Mile Road between Evergreen & Southfield Rd. (Redford, Wayne Co., MI) (formerly called Mill Rd.) Present day Sunderland Street runs at the former site of the old farmhouse. 


Westlake Coat of Arms
"Az, three bars wavy ar"
Translated is, "Blue, three silver diagonal wavy bands"
No family motto
Documentation is found in Burke's General Armory on page 1095.  This Westlake Coat of Arms belongs to the Westlake branch of Kilkhampton, Co. Cornwall, England.  The connection between the Long Sutton, Somerset, England Westlake family and the Kilkhampton, Co. Cornwall, England Westlake family has not been established as of yet.


Above is a map showing the Counties of England.

Our Westlakes were located in the County of Somerset, England (Shown in RED). Within the County of Somerset, they have lived in Long Sutton and Compton Dundon. These are just a couple of the areas that the family was found in.

Long Sutton is an attractive village centered on the large green surrounded by the church and other distinctive buildings of mixed periods. Most of the original buildings in the settlement are built of lias stone from the local quarry at Upton. The distinctive pattern of roadside development and natural stone walling create a pleasing street scene. Recent development has extended the village in a linear fashion to the north and south.

The village has a range of facilities which include a primary school, playing fields, village hall, shop/post office and public house.

Compton is part of the Parish of Compton Dundon and is situated on the B3151 between Somerton and Street. The older parts of the village are built in the local lias stone and there are several thatched cottages in evidence. The village lies in the attractive setting of the wooded ridge of the Poldens to the east, with the flat moors of the levels to the west.

Compton enjoys a close physical and social relationship with the neighbouring village of Dundon. The two villages share a range of community facilities including the church, school and playing field in Dundon and a post office, service station, village hall and public house in Compton.

Below I have included a map so that you can put these places in perspective to one another. You can see on this map some of the other locations of the family that are listed in the family tree outline.



George W. Westlake, Esq.



The below census records are transcribed as written.  Names are transcribed as they appear at HeritageQuest.  You should be able to enter the name as typed and the image will appear.
George W. and Jane [BURT] WESTLAKE
1850 US Census - Redford, Wayne Co., MI
Roll M432_366
18  George Westlake  age 32  male  Farmer  Born England
19  Jane Westlake      age 25 female  no occupation  Born in England
 1860   >   Michigan   >   WAYNE   >   REDFORD       Series: M653  Roll: 564   Page: 351
   WESTLAKE  GEORGE   41  M  W  ENGL  MI  WAYNE  REDFORD  1860  - taken 7/7/1860
Occ - farmer
604 598 George Westlake 42 M - Farmer 2500 400 England - - 1 -
              Jane Westlake 35 F - - - - England - - -
              Anthony           9 M - - - - Mich - 1 -
              George              7 M - - - - Mich - 1 -
              Thomas            4 M - - - - Mich - 1 -
 1870   >   Michigan   >   WAYNE   >   REDFORD TWP       Series: M593  Roll: 710   Page: 355 
   WERTLAKE  GEORGE   51  M  W  ENGL  MI  WAYNE  REDFORD TWP  1870  - taken 7/2/1870
Occ - farmer 4000 300
does not show a wife for George, Jane died 1864; lists only George, Anthony, Thomas and Elizabeth.  Edward Gare is living with Edward and Charlotte (Burt) GAR
344 277 Westlake George     51 M W Farmer              4,000 300 England - 1 1 - - - - - - 1 -
                              Anthony 19 M W Works on farm                   Mich    - - - -
                              Thomas   14 M W Works on farm                   Mich - 1 - -
                              Elizabeth   8 F W                                              Mich - 1 - -
1876 Redford Township, Wayne Co., MI Land Owners
Section 11
Westlake, G. 80 acres
1880 United States Census     
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 George WESTLAKE   Self   M   Male   W   60   ENG   Farmer   ENG   ENG 
 Sarah WESTLAKE   Wife   M   Female   W   40   ENG   Keeping House   ENG   ENG 
 Burt WESTLAKE   Son   S   Male   W   8   MI   At Home   ENG   ENG 
 Mary J. WESTLAKE   Dau   S   Female   W   6   MI   At School   ENG   ENG  
  Census Place Redford, Wayne, Michigan
  Family History Library Film   1254610
  NA Film Number   T9-0610
  Page Number   330A


Declaration of Intention.
State of Michigan, County of Wayne,
The Circuit Court for sid County, to wit:
I, George Westlake, do solemnly swear that it is bonafide my intention to become a CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES, and to Renounce Forever all allegiance and fidelity to each and every Foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignly whatsoever, and purticularly the Queen of Great Britian and Ireland of whom I have been a subject.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, at Detroit, Wayne County, this 16th day of April A.D. 1862. D. Walker Clerk
Signed George Westlake.

State of Michigan, County of Wayne, I D. Walker Clerk of the Circuit Court of said County, do certify that the above is a true copy of the original Declaration of Intention of George Westlake to become a Citizen of the United States, remaining of Record in my Office.
In Testimony Whereof, I have herunto subscribed my name, and affixed the Seal ;of the said Court, the 16th day of April one thousand eight hundred and sixty two.
D. Walker Clerk.


Redford, Wayne Co., MI is located at the RED star on the above map.
Below is picture of Thomas and Mary D. [BUTTON] WESTLAKE


Thomas & Mary D. [BUTTON] WESTLAKE
1860 - Thomas listed on census with parents [George and Jane [BURT] WESTLAKE], age 4, MI
1870 - Thomas listed on census with parents, age 14, MI
1880 United States Census
 Name  Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
 Thomas WESTLAKE   Self   M   Male   W   24   MI   Laborer   ENG   ENG 
 Mary WESTLAKE   Wife   M   Female   W   22   NY   House Keeping   MA   NY 
 Clarance E. WESTLAKE   Son   S   Male   W   3   MI      MI   NY 
 Frank WESTLAKE   Son   S   Male   W   1M   MI      MI   NY 
  Census Place Royal Oak, Oakland, Michigan
  Family History Library Film   1254599
  NA Film Number   T9-0599
  Page Number   358D

 1900   >   Michigan   >   OAKLAND   >   BLOOMFIELD       Series: T623  Roll: 735   Page: 255
   WESTLAKE  THOMAS   46  M  W  MI  MI  OAKLAND  BLOOMFIELD  1900  - taken 6/12/1900
No road given - Farmer - married 12 yr - Cora had 4 children, 4 living
birth listed as Sept 1854
- 430 430 Westlake
Thomas      head W M Sept 1854 45 M 12 - - MI MI MI - - - farm        - - y y y 0 8 8 101
Cora           wife W  F Nov 1867 32  M 12 4 4 MI MI MI - - -                     y y y
Thomas Jr. son   W M Dec 1888 11 - - - -        MI MI MI - - - at school - 9 y y y
Ray E         son   W M Sept 1890  9 - - - -        MI MI MI - - - at school - 9 y y y
Helen          dau   W  F Oct 1894   5 - - - -        MI MI MI - - -                      n n y
Beatrice      dau    W F Sept 1897  2 - - - -        MI MI MI - - -                      n n y
1910   >   Michigan   >   WAYNE   >   14-WD DETROIT       Series: T624  Roll: 686   Page: 257   
   WISTLAKE  THOMAS   55  M  W  MI  MI  WAYNE  14-WD DETROIT  1910  - taken 4/18/1910
Jefferson Avenue - Widow - Fireman?, laundry
1160? 48 52 Westlake
Thomas       Head M W 55 Wd - - - MI Eng English Eng English - -English Fireman       Laundry W n 0 y y - R - ?
William W   Son    M W 21 S    - - - MI       MI            MI           - -English Beass? Workes? Foundry W n 0 y y -
Raymond E Son    M W 20 S    - - - MI       MI            MI           - -English Beass? Workes? Foundry W n 0 y y - R
Nellie E       Dau    F W 16 S     - - - MI       MI            MI           - - English none                                            y y -
Beatrice C? Dau    F W 12 S     - - - MI       MI            MI           - - English none           
Below is picture of Grace [CHAPMAN] and Clarence WESTLAKE


Clarence & Grace [Chapman] Westlake
Clarence Edmund Westlake was born June 7 1877 in probably Royal Oak, Oakland Co., Michigan to parents, Thomas and Mary Diadama [Button] Westlake.  He married Grace Helen Chapman on June 27 1895.  Clarence and Grace had eight children:  Mary Helen, Emily Josephine, Florence M., George Leo, Thomas St. Elmo, Albert William, Lester Raymond and Rosella Leon.  Clarence and Grace Chapman moved their family from Bloomfield Twp., Oakland Co., Michigan to Southfield Twp., Oakland Co., Michigan after October 24 1896 and before September 18 1898.  This is documented by the birth of two of their daughters, Mary and Emily.  The Clarence Westlake family are first found living as a family in the 1900 US census for Southfield Twp., Oakland Co., Michigan.  The family is listed in the census as follows:
1900 US Census Southfield Twp., Oakland Co., MI
- 120 124 Westlake
Clarence head W M  Jun  1877  22 M 4 - -   MI MI MI - - - farmer milk (can't read) O - y y y R - H 85
Grace      wife   W F  Sep 1883  26 M 4 2 2 MI MI MI - - - - - - - y y y
Mary        dau   W F   Oct  1896    3  S    - - - MI MI MI - - -
Emily       dau   W F  Sept 1898    1  S    - - - MI MI MI - - -
The family appears in the 1910 US Census in Southfield.  Here is that record:
1910  US Census Southfield Twp., Oakland Co., MI
- 43 43 Westlake
Clarence    Head M W 33 M1 13 - -   MI MI MI               English Farmer Gen Farming Emp - - y y - O M F 86 - - -
Grace E       Wife F W 35 M1 13 7 7 MI MI Ire-English English none
Mary H.         dau  F W 13 S - - -         MI MI MI               English none
Emily J.        dau  F W 11 S - - -         MI MI MI                English none
Florence M. dau  F W   9 S - - -         MI MI MI                              none
George L     son  M W  7 S - - -         MI MI MI                              none
Thomas S    son  M W  6 S - - -         MI MI MI                              none
Albert W      son  M W   4 S - - -         MI MI MI                              none
Lester R       son M W   2 S - - -         MI MI MI                              none
Grace Chapman Westlake kept a yearly diary.  They are now dispersed throughout the various grandchildren and great grandchildren.   Along with farming, Clarence and Grace [Chapman] Westlake also did a lot of investing in land and various other things to build their nest egg so that they could enjoy their retirement.  Grace wrote in her 1932 diary about giving each grandchild $5 for their birthday.  Grace also wrote about having ponies for the kids to ride and selling eggs and milk to earn extra money.  She did seem to be a very neat housekeeper considering how many times she wrote that she scrubbed the floors and walls.  She also writes of scrubbing the clothes and hanging out to dry in the cold Michigan winters.  Her children visited almost weekly and sometimes several times a week.  She rarely mentioned any illnesses.  The family loved playing card games such as Pedro, euchre and bridge.  It was a rare occasion when she would write that they didn't have any company or that they didn't travel to go somewhere.  Clarence and Grace enjoyed traveling.  There are pictures of their travels into Canada and out West.  They also had quite a sense of humor.  There are pictures where the guys dressed up as girls and the girls as guys to go to costume parties.  There are also pictures of Grace and her family in fancy dresses with big frilly hats.  Grace had a kind heart.  One entry mentions where one of her grandson's received a spanking.  No mention was made of why this occurred, but she mentioned that this event greatly upset her.  She showed great concern over another grandson that broke his arm.  She wrote several entries on his recovery.  Clarence and Grace both worked hard to support their family and develop their children into fine adults.
The family remained in Southfield until at least November 14 1910 when their last child, Rosella Westlake was born.  They moved on to locations in Detroit, Birmingham, Big Beaver (now Troy) and finally to Auburn Heights in the years to follow.
Grace Helen [Chapman] Westlake died, at the family home in then Big Beaver (now Troy) Oakland Co., Michigan, due to complications of dropsy on March 21 1944.  Clarence Westlake died May 10 1962 in a hospital in Pontiac, Oakland Co., Michigan and was buried in Southfield Cemetery on May 14 1962. 
If anyone has one or more of Grace [Chapman] Westlake's diaries, I'd love to have a transcription of it or be able to read through it.  There is so much history held in those pages that she wrote in daily.  Perhaps more could be added to this history if some of you might come forward to share information from within these diaries of Grace [Chapman] Westlake.

Copyright 9/3/2001 S. Hoard

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