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Virginia Kysh's Westlake Line

Some of these trees may not possibly contain the most recent updates to my tree.  I would suggest that they only be used as a reference tool.  Visit my WorldConnect site for my most recent tree that is available on-line.....
This below is all Virginia's research.......

Here, in this tale below, Virginia describes some history of her Westlake line.  Following this brief history, you will find Virginia's Westlake Tree continued from the main "Westlake Family Tree" link at this web site.  Also below are a few pages scanned from an autograph book dating back to 1885.

Our Westlake family tale begins with two brothers and ends with four sisters.

Brothers; Samuel Smith Westlake and George Smith Westlake with their wives and children (George had two boys; Adolphus and Frederick. This gives us the time of departure from Somersetshire, England after 1845 and before 1847.

Samuel Smith Westlake is described in his Civil war records as " 5 ft 6 inches high, light complexion, blue eyes, light hair and by occupation a blacksmith."

George Smith Westlake occupation was a tailor.

These two families came to Cayuga County, New York. Settling in Auburn. Today there is a street named Westlake in the city of Auburn.

Samuel lost his wife Ann Shepherd in 1845. She is buried in Stewarts Corner cemetery in Venice, Cayuga, New York.

Samuel remarried Jane Cary and had five children in New York. Leaving some time after son John Edgar was born in April 1852. They were pioneers settling in Linn County Iowa before 1857 when Ada Cary Westlake was born. Tragedy struck this family in 1860 with the death of Samuels wife Jane of Consumption and son John Edgar Westlake. Both died within 8 days of each other. Left with 5 girls he remarried on the 16 Jun 1861 to Caroline Williams Wilder a widow.

The Civil War breaks out and Samuel joined the Union Army. From the History of Linn County, Iowa we found this; "The forming of the "Graybeard Regiment," the Thirty-seventh Iowa Infantry, was a wonderful expression of the loyalty and devotion on the part of the men who had already sent sons and grandsons to the war. Members of this regiment, Corporal Richard Harbert (56), early Mount Vernon Carpenter, Robert Daugherty, and Samuel Westlake. They were assigned to guard the garrison duty and were mustered out with special thanks from the government."

From Samuels military records, he died 25 April 1863 in St. Louis Missouri.

Leaving the four girls with their stepmother. From a little autograph book of Mary Elizabeth Westlake Fords daughter, Anna May, we found that the two older girls were sent back to their uncle George Westlake in New York. There they married and settled in New York and Connecticut.

Frances and Mary both married and settled in Iowa. But two of their children did come to Southern California to live and raise families.

--Virginia Kysh 2-27-2002

Descendancy of Samuel Smith WESTLAKE


First Generation

1. Samuel Smith WESTLAKE (Adam) was born on Mar 18 1815 in England. He died on Apr 25 1863 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO.

Samuel married (1) Ann (or Honor) SHEPHARD. Ann died on Jul 21 1845 in Cayuga, NY.

Samuel also married (2) Jane CARY. Jane was born on Mar 15 1823 in England. She died on Apr 28 1860 in Franklin, Linn, Iowa.

They had the following children:

+ 2 F i. Jane C. WESTLAKE was born on Feb 23 1847.

3 F ii. Ann (adopted) WESTLAKE was born on Apr 17 1848 in NY.

Ann married John H. FOSTER.

+ 4 F iii. Frances Laurenda WESTLAKE was born on Nov 04 1849 and died on Sep 18 1910.

+ 5 F iv. Mary Elizabeth WESTLAKE was born on Dec 27 1851 and died on Jan 13 1929.

6 M v. John Edgar WESTLAKE was born on Apr 20 1852 in NY. He died on Apr 20 1860 in Franklin, Linn Co., Iowa.

7 F vi. Ada C. WESTLAKE was born on May 27 1857 in Iowa. She died on Apr 28 1865.

Samuel also married (3) Caroline WILLIAMS on Jan 26 1861 in Iowa. Caroline was born on Apr 02 1820.

Second Generation

2. Jane C. WESTLAKE (Samuel Smith, Adam) was born on Feb 23 1847 in NY.

Jane married Charles CORNER.

They had the following children:

8 F i. Addie C. CORNER.

9 M ii. George CORNER.

4. Frances Laurenda WESTLAKE (Samuel Smith, Adam) was born on Nov 04 1849 in Auburn, Cayuga Co., NY. She died on Sep 18 1910 in El Toro, Orange Co., CA and was buried in El Toro, Orange Co., CA.

Frances married Joseph Marion GRAY on May 01 1873. Joseph was born on Mar 31 1837 in Hagerstown, Washington Co., Maryland. He died on Sep 23 1923 in Orange Co., CA and was buried in El Toro, Orange Co., CA.

They had the following children:

10 F i. Bertha GRAY was born on Mar 02 1874. She died on Nov 08 1953.

Bertha married (1) John RHODES.

Bertha also married (2) MILLER.

11 F ii. Myrtle GRAY was born on Mar 07 1875 in Iowa.

12 F iii. Chester Cary GRAY was born on Dec 12 1877 in Iowa. She died on Mar 05 1963.

Chester married Alfred TRAPP. Alfred was born on Sep 07 1873 in Otto, Fulton Co., IL.

13 F iv. Carrie C. GRAY was born in 1878 in Iowa.

14. F v. Susie Milissa GRAY was born on Sep 23 1879 in Beaver, Boone Co., Iowa. She died on Sep 11 1956 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA.

Susie married Leander LEVY on Aug 12 1903 in San Juan Capistrano, Orange Co., CA.

15 M vi. Warren GRAY was born on Aug 08 1886 in Iowa. He died on May 31 1961 in Tustin, Orange Co., CA and was buried in El Toro, Orange Co., CA.

Warren married Rosie Marie ZARN on Apr 25 1910.

5. Mary Elizabeth WESTLAKE (Samuel Smith, Adam) was born on Dec 27 1851 in Moscow, Livingston Co., NY. She died on Jan 13 1929 in Stanton, Oliver Co., ND and was buried on Jan 15 1929 in Pleasant Valley, ND.

Mary married Henry Meridath FORD on Oct 08 1871 in Grand Junction, Green Co., IA. Henry was born on Jul 04 1850 in Henry, Henry Co., OH. He died on Aug 26 1918 in Hannover, Oliver Co., ND and was buried in Hannover, Oliver Co., ND.

They had the following children:

16 M i. George Frederick FORD was born on Nov 14 1871 in Grand Junction, Green Co., IA. He died on Sep 12 1893.

17 F ii. Anna May FORD was born on Nov 04 1873 in Grand Junction, Green Co., IA. She died on Dec 23 1943 in Riverside, Riverside Co., CA and was buried on Dec 28 1943.

Anna married Myron M. READ on Apr 28 1891 in Eagle Grove, Wright, Iowa.

18 F iii. Cora Almira Centenial FORD was born on Jan 08 1876. She died on Oct 25 1961.

Cora married Harry Mark SHALLENBERGER on Jan 10 1894 in Eagle Grove, Wright, Iowa.

19 M iv. Joseph Henry FORD was born on Jan 11 1879. He died on Mar 14 1914.

Joseph married Mary Elsie ASH on Mar 11 1903.

20 F v. Fannie Ester FORD was born on Jul 23 1881. She died on Nov 11 1971.

Fannie married Christian S. SORENSON on Jul 03 1899. Christian was born in 1872. He died in 1953.

21 M vi. Edward Corant FORD was born on Jun 22 1886 and died on Feb 11 1978.

22 M vii. Charles Westlake FORD was born on Nov 15 1890. He died on Mar 02 1948.

Charles married Eva Lyle MORRIS on Oct 10 1914 in Center, Oliver Co., ND.

23 M viii. Leroy M. FORD was born on Sep 03 1892 in Eagle Grove, Wright, Iowa. He died on Jan 17 1895.

Information provided by Virginia Kysh.  Thank you Virginia!

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Mary Elizabeth Westlake,
b. 1851



Henry Ford,
husband of
Mary Elizabeth Westlake



Edward & Flossie Ford


Above documents as transcribed by Virginia Kysh.


My Dear Neice May

though far away when this you see think of your aunt

Jennie  Waturbury,Connecticut (Jane C Westlake oldest daughter of Samuel
Chas Corner A Member of Co H 33rd New York 3rd Brigade 2nd division 6th Corp Army of the Potomac Now a member of Wadhams post Grand Army Republic

                        Waterbury, Conn


Feb 1st 1885 Cousin May

Like sweet music pealing

Floe over the blue sea

Oft comes are the stealing

Sweet memories of thee

George Corner Esq.

Waterbury, Conn.


(Goerge Corner is the husband of Jane C Westlake the eldest daughter of Samuel S Westlake)

(property of Virginia Kysh)

Copyright 9/3/2001 S. Hoard

These pages I share freely with others for their own NON PROFIT USE ONLY. The information contained, here within, is for entertainment and reference use only. YOU MUST document YOUR OWN LINE if you so desire. Many of these family genealogy lines have been provided by others through Internet contact. I post this information on the sole trust that they have attempted to provide accurate information.

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