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Chapman Family Genealogy
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Egan family

This page is for Mary (Egan) Chapman's family.  Mary was wife of Albert Z. Chapman.
Be sure to scroll down the page below the family tree to find many pictures, maps, obits and additional information on the origin of this Egan family.  --Enjoy!

Here's a web site filled with links to Egan resource information....

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Descendancy of Charles EGAN



First Generation


      1. Charles EGAN was born 1793 maybe. He died before 1894.

Charles married Mary possibly.


They had the following children:


+           2 M i.   James E. EGAN was born 1814 and died 1894.

               3 M ii.   Brother EGAN died after 1894 in of New York, NY (from James' obit).



Second Generation


      2. James E. EGAN (Charles) was born 1814 in near to Shannonbridge, a village, in the parish of Clonmacnois, barony of Garrycastle, King's co. (Co Offaly), Ireland. He died 1894 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI and was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.

James married Penelope MCDERMOTT, daughter of MCDERMOTT, Aft 1840/Bef 1843 in NJ or NY. Penelope was born 1813 in Co. Laois (Co. Queens), Ireland. She died 1898 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI and was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.


They had the following children:


+           4 F  i.   Mary EGAN was born 1843 and died 1897.


+           5 F ii.   Bridget EGAN was born 1844 and died 1915.

               6 F iii.   Eliza EGAN was born 1846 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.


+           7 M   iv.   Joseph James EGAN was born 1847 (1849 per Sue Alksnis) and died 1915.

               8 F v.   Ellen EGAN was born 1848 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI. She died 1924 in Toledo, OH.

Ellen married Gideon W. KETCHAM 1869. Gideon was born about 1845 in NJ.

               9 F vi.   Catherine EGAN was born in 1850 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.

Catherine married Thomas HUGHES.

             10 F   vii.   Penelope EGAN was born 1852 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI. She died 1930 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.

Penelope married Lysander Melanthaem DUNBAR on 1874 in Southfield, MI.

             11 M   viii.   Francis EGAN was born 1854 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.



Third Generation


      4. Mary EGAN (James E., Charles) was born 1843 in prob. Southfield, Oakland Co., MI. She died 1897 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI and was buried in Southfield Cemetery, Oakland Co., MI.

Mary married Albert Z. CHAPMAN, son of Isaac CHAPMAN and Martha, 1868 in Redford, MI. Albert was born 1832 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI. He died 1900 in Oakland Co., MI and was buried in Southfield Cemetery, Oakland Co., MI.


See Chapman Tree 


      5. Bridget EGAN (James E., Charles) was born 1844 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI. She died 1915 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.

Bridget married William DOHANY 1867 in Redford, MI. William was born 1837 in Farmington, MI and died  1913 in Southfield, MI.


They had the following children:

             25 M i.   John Seymour DOHANY was born 1868 in Southfield, MI.  He died, 1950 in Detroit, MI.

                           John married Mary Ann Ballantine 1896 in Detroit, MI.

             26 M ii.   Emmet Ephram DOHANY was born 1869 in Southfield, MI.  He died 1949 in Detroit, MI.

                            Emmet married Louise L. Furgason 1899 in Ecorse, MI.

             -- M iii.   William Dudley DOHANY was born 1871 in Southfield, MI.  He died 1929 in Detroit, MI.

                            William married Mary E. Walsh 1901 in Detroit, MI.

             -- F iv.   Mary Teresa DOHANY was born 1873 in Southfield, MI.  She died 1946 in Farmington, MI.  (never married)  

             -- M v.   Francis Henry DOHANY was born 1874 in Southfield, MI.  He died 1941 in Detroit, MI.

                            Francis married Blanche O'Neill 1898 in Detroit, MI.    

             -- M vi.   Charles Edward DOHANY was born 1877 in Southfield, MI.  He died 1960 in Detroit, MI.

                            Charles married Julia T. Foley 1905 in Detroit, MI.    

             -- M vii.   James Ambrose DOHANY was born 1880 in Southfield, MI.  He died 1961 in Farmington, MI.

                            James married Elva Mae Robinson 1915 in Farmington, MI.   

             -- M viii.   Harry Louis DOHANY was born 1882 in Southfield, MI.  He died 1883 in Southfield, MI.                            

             -- F ix.     Clara Penelope DOHANY was born 1885 in Southfield, MI.  She died 1967 in Farmington, MI.

                            Clara married John E. Lapham 1908 in Redford, MI.  

             -- M x.     Casper "Cass" Grover DOHANY was born 1887 in Southfield, MI.  He died 1965 in Farmington, MI.

                            Casper married Hannah Louise Sloat 1909 in Redford, MI.


      7. Joseph James EGAN (James E., Charles) was born 1847 (1849 per Sue Alksnis) in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI. He died 1915 and was buried in Grand Lawn Cemetery, Detroit, MI.

Joseph married Mary Ann CAVANAUGH. Mary was born in 1851. She died in 1922 and was buried in Grand Lawn Cemetery, Detroit, MI.


They had the following children:


+         27 M i.   James Lawrence EGAN was born 1874 (Chris D. has 1876) and died in 1947.

             28 M ii.   Julia Irene EGAN was born 1878. He died in 1951 and was buried in Grand Lawn Cemetery, Detroit, MI.

             29 F iii.   Bernadine (Bernice-Chris D.) EGAN was born 1880.

             30 F iv.   Ellen EGAN was born 1882.

Ellen married BILKOVSKY.

             31 F v.   Grace EGAN was born 1887.

             32 M   vi.   Oz (Oswald - Chris D.)(maybe Joseph Oswald) EGAN was born 1889. He died in 1955 and was buried in Grand Lawn Cemetery, Detroit, MI.



Fourth Generation



     27. James Lawrence EGAN (Joseph James EGAN, James E., Charles) was born 1874 (Chris D. has 1876). He died in 1947 and was buried in Holy Scpulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.

James married Rose RICH (RIECH). Rose was born in 1874 in Germany. She died in 1946 and was buried in Holy Scpulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.



James and Rose had the following children:

             43 F  i.   Louise EGAN.

             44 F ii.   Edna EGAN.

             45 M   iii.   Lawrence EGAN.

             46 M   iv.   Byron EGAN.

             47 M v.   Joseph Ambrose (Ambrose) EGAN was born 1905 in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI. He died 1982 and was buried in Holy Scpulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.

Joseph married Florence Simone ALLEN. Florence was born 1911 in St. Agathe, Canada. She died 1991 and was buried in Holy Scpulchre Cemetery, Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.

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Obit of James Egan, father of Mary Egan.


Death of One of the oldest and Most Respected Pioneers.


James Egan, an old and much respected pioneer and resident of this township, passed quietly away Thursday afternoon of last week.  He had been ailing for nearly five years past but death, although not unexpected, came much sooner than was really anticipated by his immediate friends and relatives.  The funeral was held from St. Marys church, Redford, on Saturday.  Father De Bever officiated and preached a brief but interesting sermon, after which the remains, followed by a long line of mourners and sorrow stricken friends, were taken and placed in their final resting place in St. Marys parish cemetery, Greenfield.  Mr. Egan was born on the banks of the River Shannon, near Shannon bridge, Ireland, in July, 1814, and emigrated to this country about 1840.  After stopping in New York and Jersey City for some time, where he met and married his wife who still survives him, he came to Michigan and settled upon a one hundred acre farm in this township which he purchased from the government, and upon which he continued to live up to the time of his death.  He was one of those courageous and industrious pioneers who helped make this country what it is, and to him belongs all the praise and credit that we owe to early settlers.  In those days this section of the country was in a semi-settled condition, and many dangers and difficulties confronted him.  He met them all, however, in a modest and patient manner, and by constant and earnest striving in the one direction, he eventually became the monarch of a cosy country home, which in recent years has been the center of attraction to his many relatives in this community.  By his death his fellowmen feel that they have been deprived of a treasure that time can never replace, and his relatives mourn their loss with deepest regret.  Besides a widow, one year older than himself, and eight children, two sons and six daughters, which comprise his entire family, he leaves thirty-two grandchildren, one brother in New York City, and a number of nieces, nephews, cousins and more distant relatives in the eastern states, more especially in Connecticut.  His peculiarities were few, but those he had he observed most strictly.  He was a great reader and could talk interestingly on any subject.  He took much interest in government affairs, and although he would never accept political honors, for fifty consecutive years he voted the Democratic ticket at town, state and national elections without a single exception.  As a farmer, he always entertained the deepest interest in the successful tilling of the soil, and oftentimes proved a valuable adviser to the rising generation who followed that occupation.  As a neighbor his charitable nature seemed ever ready to assert itself, and upon him was bestowed the highest admiration and esteem of the entire community.  As a husband and father, his single-hearted devotion to those who had been entrusted to his care was unsurpassed, and in return for the affection which he concentrated upon the home he had founded, he became the recipient of unbounded love and respect from a devoted family, and it seems that the only circumstances under which they could part from their much cherished parent was at the grave.  As a Christian he was of the most devout and pious kind; he realized that there was a Superior Being to whom he owed allegiance for all, and to discharge every obligation in that respect seemed to be his one constant aim and desire, and when death came to relieve him from the trials and suffering of a busy life, he met it with the wisdom and fortitude of a perfect Christian.  He cared but little for social attractions, and pride he despised; always pleased at the prosperity of others, but being void of selfish personal ambition, he lived a life of simplicity, and dying at the ripe old age of 79 years, he leaves a name that will be remembered and loved by those who knew him as one of the best and truest of mankind.


James E. Egan's listing at the Library of Michigan on the reel of film...
MI Death Index V. 28 1894, Bk 1, Pg 171 (F 565.153 1960)
states that his father's name was Charles Egan and that James had a middle inital of "E".

According to the obituary of James Egan, he was born near to the bridge at Shannonbridge.  Below are some pictures of this bridge.

Aerial View

Bridge at Sunset

Shannonbridge, Co. Offaly, Ireland homepage:
Towns in Offaly - Shannonbridge

Shannonbridge is situated on the on the Cloghan - Ballinasloe road and is a fortified river crossing with a small well preserved, early 19th century fort built to secure the Connaght bridgehead. On the opposite side the Shannon is joined downstream by the River Suck. This area is renowned for bream, rudd and hybrids and has outstanding potential for the coarse angler. The town is well known for its bars and music. Whilst in Shannonbridge go for a tour on the Clonmacnnois and West Offaly Railway, which will take you in a luxury train coach on a five and a half mile guided tour on the Blackwater Bog, This gives a golden opportunity to discover many aspects of Ireland's peatlands and is a must for visitors who want an authentic experience.

Below are maps showing the area in Ireland that our Egan family line originated from.


Co. Offaly, Ireland was Co. Kings when the Egan's left Ireland

County Offaly (King's Co) On-Line



Offaly, Irish Uibh Fhailaí county in the province of Leinster, Ireland. With an area of 771 square miles (1,998 square km), it is bounded by Counties Westmeath and Meath (north), Kildare (east), Laoighis and Tipperary (south), and Galway and Roscommon (west). The River Shannon forms its western boundary. Offaly consists mainly of a large section of the central lowland, though its southwestern boundary runs along the crest of the Slieve Bloom. Its terrain is primarily a mixture of peat bogs and cultivable land composed of glacial drift. A notable geologic feature is the fine series of eskers (long ridges of postglacial gravel), notably at Clonmacnoise, an ancient monastic site near the Shannon. Seven-tenths of the county is improved agricultural land. Peat bogs supply fuel for electric-power stations. Offaly has many raths (prehistoric hill forts) and a chain of mottes, commanding passes of the bogs.

Offaly formed part of the ancient kingdom of Offaly and was inhabited by O'Connors. Following the rebellion of Brian O'Connor, it was annexed to the English crown during the reign of Edward VI. Offaly was shired as King's County in 1556. A plan for colonizing Laoighis and Offaly was adopted by the government under Mary I, but the inhabitants resisted for the rest of the century, being subdued only at the beginning of the reign of James I (1603).

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1870 MI Census taken June 24th, 1870, page 24
Egan  James  Oakland Co,  Southfield twp., MI  694-695  540R 
179 176 Egan, James 56 M W Farmer 5,000 1,100 Ireland, father & mother foreign birth, US citizen
                      , Penolope 57 F W Keeping house Ireland, father & mother foreign birth
                      , Eliza 25 F W at home MI, father & mother foreign birth
                      , Joseph 22 M W Farmer MI, father & mother foreign birth, US citizen
                      , Catherine 19 F W at home MI, father & mother foreign birth
                      , Penolope 17 F W at home MI, father & mother foreign birth
                      , Frances 15 F W at home MI, father & mother foreign birth
   McDermott, Kessan 50 W M Farm Labor Ireland, father & mother foreign birth, US citizen
                      , Mary 11 W F               MI, father & mother foreign birth

As you can see in the census above, the Egan family and Penelope's brother Kyeran were living together in Southfield, MI in 1870.  Below you can see where James Egan owned land in Southfield, Oakland Co., MI.  If anyone is interested in a copy of the Egan Southfield land document, sign my guestbook and request a copy.  I'll e-mail it out to you.  Do to limits on space, I have had to remove some of the larger pictures from this site.  Thanks to Sue Alksnis for several of the documents and pictures on this page for Egan!


I found this below map here...
The site says that this is a pre-1940 Oakland County Atlas that this section of Southfield, Oakland Co., MI is cut from.  I have tried to include the same section of the map as I copied out of my copy of the 1870 Atlas that I have in my possession.  Looks like James Egan is still there, but has fewer acres now.  He possibly built a new house seeing as the portion that the former house was shown on is no longer in his possession.


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I also found this on the Latter Day Saints site.  Could these be "our" James Egan?
James <EGAN>
Sex:  U
Birth:  1815
Ganymore, Offaly, Ireland
Father:  Charles EGAN
Mother:  Mrs. Mary EGAN

Source Information:

Film Number: 1239637
Page Number: 652
Reference Number:  22673
James EGAN
Sex:  M
Birth:  1815
Ganymore, Offaly, Ireland
Father:  Charles EGAN
Mother:  Mary

Source Information:

Film Number: 184300
Page Number: 1054
Reference Number:  24409

More LDS info....
Could this be our James Egan's father?
Charles EGAN  
 Sex:  M  
 Birth:  1793 
  Cloommenoise-Garrymore, Offaly, Ireland  
 Spouse:  Mary EGAN

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Above is Albert Z. & Mary (Egan) Chapman.  Mary was the daughter of James and Penelope Egan.


Below is son of James and Penelope Egan

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Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
25800 W. Ten Mile Rd,
Southfield, MI


23501 Grand River Ave
Detroit, MI, 48219-3104

Located on the corner of US 24 [Telegraph Rd] and Grand River Ave
Grand Lawn is owned and maintained by Siena-Meadco Co.

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This obituary is of Penelope (McDermott) Egan's brother, Kyeran McDermott.  Notice that the last name is spelled incorrectly here in the obituary.  It is interesting to note that he was born in the same area of Ireland as the Egan's were.  Garrymore is in Shannonbridge, a village, in the parish of Clonmacnois, barony of Garrycastle, King's county, and province of Leinster, Ireland.

An Oakland County Pioneer Gone
With the closing days of the old year death claimed another victim in the person of Kyeran McDermond, a well known pioneer of Oakland County. Born in 1823 in Garrymore, King's county, Ireland, he emigrated to America and settled in Michigan in 1836, locating on the same place in Southfield where the declining years of his life were spent. He was married twice, his first wife being Miss Fane, his second wife Miss Ratigan, who proceded him to the grave some years ago. His death was preceded by a lingering illness. He leaves two children, Mrs. Ed. Woods, of Southfield, and Miss McDermond, of Chatham, Ont., as well as his aged brother, Hugh McDermond, and sister, Mrs. Egan, and also numerous nieces and nephews. The funeral obsequies took place at the R.C. church, Redford, and the remains were followed to their final resting place by a long line of mourning relatives and friends.

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